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by James C. Mckay

A tale of bureaucratic corruption, desperation, and corporate greed. Peek inside the Food and Drug Administration and the halls of power in Washington to discover how the power brokers operate, and the devastating consequences when their personal greed and ambitions undermine the interests of the public they "serve."

by Ki Longfellow

Her third and last book on the Divine Feminine, THE TIME OF THE BEE, is a novel of the Golden Age, the thousands of years when all of humanity told time by the moon, when the earth stood upright on its axis, and when all followed the Great Goddess in peace and plenty. In this third book, the Goddess and her world is destroyed in almost a single day by an agency outside human control. 12,000 years ago the time of the Partriarch was born, leading us to the world we know today, a world on the brink of destruction. But also a world in which the Goddess begins to speak again, her voice being heard by those who would not destroy, but would return to peace and love.

by Ki Longfellow

Pamela Longfellow's second novel about a lone woman reporter that half the major female stars in Hollywood wanted to play.   The time is 1929; the place Madison Square Garden; the event the Heavyweight Championship of the World.   In the audience two young journalists vie for the big story.   Both lovers and competitors, Jack and Teddy spar as seriously as the men in the ring.   Teddy is a lone woman in what is very much a man's world, but they don't come tougher or more determined.   A love which slugs its way into passion against all odds is at the center of this vivid novel of the Twenties high life and low life, where gangsters, rackets and sudden death proliferate.   Amidst mafia machinations, mayhem and murder, Jack and Teddy risk life, limb and their love as they strive for the Front Page: the sports page is no longer enough for Teddy...


A Memoir of Vivian Stanshall, the Old Profanity Showboat, and Stinkfoot, a Comic Opera

The life and later times of Vivian Stanshall.   Lead singer for the Beatles's favorite band: the Bonzo Dogs, a funny man's "funny man," and creator of the archetypal Sir Henry at Rawlinson End, Vivian Stanshall was one of England's national treasures.   Here he is intimately remembered by his wife, revealed through the creation of her ship, The Old Profanity Showboat, and through their musical Stinkfoot, A Comic Opera.   Originally written for the ship's stage, Vivian and Ki's nothing-like-it musical comedy is soon to be made into a docu-mocku-mentary of epically mad imaginings.   

A Travel Guide to Happiness

Authored by a writer who Awoke, this book hopes to clear up common misconceptions, murky thinking, tricky concepts, misunderstandings, and literal interpretations of religion and spirituality.   Even better—it might manage to explain how to live a normal life while at the same time experiencing enlightenment.  


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